Higher power than any other form of energy

We serve a wide range of clients that varies from mining, oil and gas drilling, transportations, and plantation industries.

Fuel oil, also called gasoline or petrol, is a petroleum-derived oil that consists mostly of organic compound, which required for internal-combustion engines in order to attain energy or power. It is the result of the distillation process of petroleum (crude oil) into the desired fractions.

Petrol became the preferred automobile fuel because of its high energy of combustion and capacity to mix readily with air in a carburetor.

At Post Energy Indonesia (PEI), we recognized the significance of fuel to the Indonesian economy, and we are dedicated to providing the best practice of engineered solutions approach to fuel management. Our ongoing projects include developing fueling stations and managing distribution in order to assisting the mining sector. Currently, Post Energy offers fuel handling at 78 locations across Indonesia.