Natural Gas

The best energy choice for the environment

We serve a wide range of clients that varies from automotive, ceramics, petrochemicals, steel, electronics, and waste management industries.

Today, the growing demands for cleaner and reliable sources of energy are rising, and natural gas is the solution. In many parts of the world, gas resources are being discovered and measured as the cleanest, as well as the vastly efficient form of energy.

In Indonesia, natural gas is one of the abundant resources available where the government heavily promotes its consumption. Natural gas, which consisting primarily of methane, has various benefits compared to other fuels and less damaging to the environment.

At Post Energy Indonesia (PEI), we distribute natural gas directly to be used as raw material in the manufacturing process or as a fuel to support operations, through distribution pipelines in Banten, East Java and West Java provinces. Our knowledge in the acquisition and reserve of natural gas for the needs of our customers allows us to deliver competitive price and secure natural gas supply. With PEI as your partner, your supply for natural gas is secured.

PNG (Pipe Natural Gas)
The efficient method to deliver natural gas from producing regions to consumption regions requires an extensive transportation system. PEI develops Pipeline for Natural Gas system with a highly integrated transmission and distribution network that can transport natural gas to and from nearly any location in Indonesia, thus become an alternative to replace diesel fuel consumption.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas that has completed the cooling process, which makes it extremely compact for storage and to be shipped safely and efficiently with specially designed vessels.
LNG is an efficient alternative to meet the global demand of natural gas. Today, LNG is responsible for the increasing number of natural gas consumption worldwide, and widely used as an alternative fuel for vehicles. LNG produces up to 90% lower emissions compared to petrol and has been transported for more than 50 years with a strong safety record.